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HustlerFest--then and now

For actual dates of the current years Hustler Fest please check HuslterFest.Com.

Each year Hustler, Wisconsin hosts "Hustler Fest"-- a great time for many people. For a small town, they sure know how to have a good celebration. This year marks the 79th annual Hustler Fest, Aug. 24th, 25th and 26th. The 'theme' is "take time to stop and smell the roses." Take time out, if you can, and stop by Hustler to enjoy the festivities! And smell some roses!

We thought it would be fun to look backward and forward in time at some of the images of Hustler and Hustle Fest! To learn more about Hustler History click here.

Turn of the Century Hustler Fest

An 'old' Hustler Fest....turn of the century.

Hustler Fest Sky View

Last years Hustle Fest in preparation.

Old Hustler Train Depot

Hustlers old Train Depot. The trains were a vital part of many of the towns in our area's history.

Hustlerfest Tractor Pull

The Tractor Pull.

Old Horses in Hustler Image

When tractors were not so common.

All photos courtesy of Hustler's "Hustle Stop" convenience store and Mr. Claire Ness.


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