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The West Central Community Webring

the web site committed to serving the West Central Wisconsin Area

...and an increasingly angry voice fighting to save Wisconsin!


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"This aggression will not stand, Man!": Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative--by Rob Ganson

"Dollar Bill sweet-talked officials of Iron and Ashland Counties, lying about job numbers, lying about pollution that would occur, about the minerals, long buried deeply in the ground, that would, upon exposure to air and water, leech hydrochloric acid and mercury into the streams and wetlands, that is the ones they wouldn’t fill with toxic overburden."

"Walker made war on women, war on unions, war on the land, the water, the air, war on democracy (editor: war on education--and, yeah, more land). In today’s Wisconsin people are being arrested for singing, singing in our house, a structure designed to carry our voices to every corner, to reinforce our constitutional right to be heard. Walker has made war on democracy itself. Every step he and his legislative cronies have taken are best defined by the term fascism. Even the election process has been altered to fit their need for a majority, and they no longer even pretend to represent their constituents, but are only puppets, dancing on the strings held by wealthy corporate donors. Walker even gave himself permission to sell Wisconsin to China."

The West Central Wisconsin Community Webring (WCWCW) is designed to serve the People, the Land itself, Local Businesses and Institutions of our area. Our commitment is to the service of this largely rural and small town area in the beautiful driftless region our state. We know ourselves as community in the widest sense...a covenant of the Land, its People and its History.

We are determined to make the WCWCW a comprehensive and usable site. Within the WCWCW you will find Feature articles, Community Events and Announcements, Web Pages and Links from the Community, Member Listings, News, Bulletin Boards as well as up-to date weather information geared toward West Central Wisconsin. Need a website? Try the WCWCW Web Hosting Service. Want to talk 'real-time' with others...try WCWCW Chat!

We are from this area and about this area!

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